Land Acknowledgement Statement – 鶹Ӵý State University


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Land Acknowledgement Statement

In January 2022, the University Senate approved a resolution recommending that the University adopt a land acknowledgement statement and to put it into use.

Official Statement

We respectfully acknowledge that 鶹Ӵý State University occupies land in Lenapehoking, the traditional and expropriated territory of the Lenape. As a state institution, we recognize and support the sovereignty of New Jersey’s three state-recognized tribes: the Ramapough Lenape, Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape, and Powhatan Renape nations.

We recognize the sovereign nations of the Lenape diaspora elsewhere in North America, as well as other Indigenous individuals and communities now residing in New Jersey.

By offering this land acknowledgement, we commit to addressing the historical legacies of Indigenous dispossession and dismantling practices of erasure that persist today.

We recognize the resilience and persistence of contemporary Indigenous communities and their role in educating all of us about justice, equity, and the stewardship of the land throughout the generations.