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Bloomfield college quad and belltower

Bloomfield College of 鶹Ӵý State University

On July 1, 2023, Bloomfield College officially became part of 鶹Ӵý State University.

For Bloomfield students, the merger means lower tuition and fees and expanded student life and academic opportunities. As part of 鶹Ӵý, Bloomfield College will continue to provide a transformative educational experience in a small, supportive setting with the resources of a doctoral research university. Meanwhile, Bloomfield staff and faculty will have access to University resources to better support the student community.

For more information, please read this news release announcing the merger. For details about Bloomfield College of 鶹Ӵý State University, please visit the College website at .

For fall 2023, the admissions process remains separate for 鶹Ӵý and Bloomfield. Students should apply to the specific institution that they hope to be admitted to, and can apply to both 鶹Ӵý and Bloomfield separately if they are considering both institutions.

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